The future of healthcare is in the people we educate today

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Education and training drives improvement

The key to successful healthcare organisation lies in its people. We believe in the importance of well-trained staff and continually seek ways to improve and support organisations in retaining their employees through strategies focused on wellbeing and education. 

Our approach empowers the current healthcare workforce to enhance their existing skills, build resilience, prioritise wellness, and we support the organisations we work with to develop clear career pathways. We provide education and coaching that inspire and support the next generation of care workers. Our programs are constantly evolving to adapt to changes in the field, equipping students with the necessary skills to excel in their roles and make a positive impact on clients and their families. 

As a workplace-based RTOs we offer true contextualised learning, customised training programs, on-the-job application, connect and tailor our training to your organisational culture. The benefits contribute to a more skilled and engaged workforce, ultimately driving higher organisational success.

Organisations we have worked with

What We Offer

Nationally Accredited Education

Hands-On Workplace Education
Our programs provide practical skills and knowledge in a real-world healthcare setting. With our carefully designed and comprehensive hands-on approach students will gain valuable experience to excel in their field.

Specialty Programs

Customised Short Courses
We offer tailored clinical educational programs. These programs offer more than just increased skills competency.

Consulting & Projects

Examine Problems Implement Solutions
We provide an extensive range of project and consulting services, from strategic planning, service development and improved efficiency across the organisation, our team is dedicated to finding effective solutions tailored to your needs.

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Announcing the launch of

Academy of Healthcare

Formerly known as Vative Healthcare & Nursing Academy

After a decade of success, we’re proud to unveil an updated look and feel that reflects our continued dedication to delivering high quality education and consultation to the healthcare industry. Join us as we embark on the next chapter of our journey, focused on innovation, client and student satisfaction and ultimately driving positive change and quality care across the healthcare industry.

The future of healthcare is in the people we educate today.